The Trust-Tee allows golfers to enjoy the game by increasing driver accuracy, ultimately leading to lower scores and more fun." 

Sean Kenny 

UNLV PGA Golf Management  

I have been a golf pro for over 34 years! I have spent my life looking to make golf easier and more enjoyable for the average golfer of all levels. I was introduced to the Trust-Tee during one of my indoor practise sessions and noticed a distinct improvement in the flight of the ball during off centre drives!Watching the flight scope I could see the adverse side spin decreased by over half and a decrease of the slice and hook by at least 10-15 yards! Golfers who have a significant bend in their drives will see a remarkable improvement in their ball flight and will increasingly find their ball in the fairway they are playing! If you want to save balls and strokes, this is the one piece of equipment you should never play without.

Blair Wiley, Sr. CPGA Golf Pro Burlington

Ever since I started using the Trust-Tee there's more talk about the shot you made then the shot you almost made.

Kevin from Ottawa

The Trust-Tee works! There's no need to search for balls in the tree line or in the adjacent fairway. It took me several drives to learn the sweet spot but now my drives end up on the fairway. It is also Durable - I use the same one for one full season of golf.


In Japan there isn't a lot of extra land so the fairways on the average golf course are pretty tight. I wasn't really enjoying golf in my new home until I tried the Trust-Tee. Now I am not only in the fairway , I'm in my own Fairway and GOLF Is suddenly fun again.

Brian W from Japan


I am writing this testimonial only because I think this is a great product and has proven to work! We were given some samples of the Trust-Tee at a local golf tournament I've put together for the last four years and after playing my round with the Trust-Tee. I found what a difference it makes by hitting the golf ball straighter and further each and every drive. After the round was finished many of the golfers used the Trust-Tee and came back telling me the same thing about how well the Trust-Tee worked for them too! Thanks again.

Gary W from Orleans Ontario  

I am 70 years old and have been playing golf all my life. I have played with many tees. I have noticed a big change in the direction of my golf balls. I have never seen a tee that can to that except the Trust-Tee. 

Charlie B. Rockland ON

My husband and I were fortunate to know the inventor when he made the Trust-Tee. He gave us a package to try them. I liked it from the first time and have used them ever since . My husband was not so sure if they would work. He still uses a regular tees you buy, but when he is having a bad day he uses the Trust-Tee.

Steve and Sandra L Carlsbad Springs

The first time are used the corrective tee, I said it won't work. To my surprise the ball was staying in the playing field.… I have been using it ever since. I hear now that the name is been changed to the Trust-Tee.

Philip L. Vanier ON

The trust tee has helped me improve my game. I now play off the fairway instead of amongst the trees or tall grass. I take pride in my long straight drive and impress my friends. Before this I was so frustrated it took far too long to finish a game. My drives are now beautiful!

Pierrette B. ON

"I'm actually not a great golfer. My drives are fairly inconsistent - left, right, but never straight. I hit the ball pretty far but this with little accuracy, so my ball was often lost. I found the Trust-Tee was an immediate improvement, and it helped me straighten out my drives. I now lose my ball less often, and can make it through a game and have some fun, without as much frustration as I used to feel!

Michael P.

I am not sure what’s going on with your tee.  I played Pasatiempo two weeks ago.  It’s a challenging Alister MacKenzie course.  I sliced my first three drives, while using the tees provided free at the course.  I then started using your Trust-tee, and hit the next 4 drives straight down the middle.  I don’t know if this was psychological or the tee actually corrected the slice, in either case I am sold, and the guys I was playing with were amazed.  Plus, I birdied the 11th hole, which is the #1 handicap hole on the course.

I then played two rounds in Minnesota last week.  Using your tee for every drive, I might have sliced two drives over the two rounds.  I did hook a couple as well though, but that’s just my game.  BTW, I didn’t use your tee on any of the shorter par 3’s, when hitting with an iron, as I was afraid I might damage the tee… what would I do then?

If I lose one of these, you’ll be the first to know.